Royal Assault

Available on  PlayStation®4,  and Xbox One.

Royal Assault is a real-time tower defense game set in a medieval fantasy setting. Your people are under attack and you must fend off the invading armies by building towers. 


Betty Bat's Treasure Hunt

Available on  PlayStation®4,  and Xbox One.

Play as Bettty Bat as she travels the world collecting gems to buy a new castle.



Available on Xbox One and Amazon Fire TV.

A home version of the popular casino game Roulette, featuring both American and European style play. 


Trivia Clash: Adult Film Star Edition

Available on Xbox One and Steam.

Trivia Clash is a video based trivia game that allows players to compete against their favorite celebrities in a head-to-head trivia competition.


Derelict Fleet

 Available on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Derelict Fleet is a fast-paced, space combat game. You are tasked with defending a refugee fleet as you travel the stars searching for a new colony to call home. 


Planet 2000

Available on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

Experience futuristic vehicular combat in this fast paced strategy game. Assemble your team from a crew of fully realized AI companions as you take part in epic land battles. Your objective is to destroy the enemies base before they destroy yours. You and your team will need to fight for control of outposts along the way which provide you with additional troops, turrets, and access to powerful new weapons. With a unique balance of strategy and action, Planet 2000 allows players to win battles through brilliant strategy, pure combat skill, or a combination of both. 


Video Poker

Available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire TV, and Nvidia Shield TV.

A home version of the casino game Video Poker. Includes the popular games Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, and Deuces Wild. 


Planet 1138

Available on Steam and Amazon Fire TV.

Planet 1138 is a vehicle based action game with a heavy emphasis on strategy. Players control a heavily armed ATV as they fight to destroy their opponents base while defending their own. Players can build outposts and turrets along the way in order to manufacture troops and amass an army. 



Available on Xbox 360.

Conquest is a live action vehicle combat game with real time strategy elements. Your goal is to destroy your opponents base before they destroy yours. You can build defense turrets and construct AI controlled drones that you can command to help you accomplish this. 


Princess Pony's Happy Bounce

Available on Xbox 360 and Amazon Fire TV.

Play as Princess Pony as she travels the world collecting letters to unlock new levels. 


Space Command

Available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Experience a classic 80's game that never existed, but should have! Space Command explores what would happen if the enemy type from one classic game genre attacked the heroes from another genre. 



Available  on Xbox 360.

Learn the first 1000 digits of pi, take the 1000 digit challenge, or play a game of "repeat after me". 

Maids With Balloons


Available on Xbox 360.

Help these maids gather balloons and use them to fend off seagulls in a set of fun minigames. 

Are You Smarter Than a Cheerleader


Available on Xbox 360.

Are you smarter than a cheerleader? Find out as you compete in a battle of knowledge across 15 categories.  

Finger Twist-Up


Available on Xbox 360.

See how agile your fingers really are with this unusual game.